Roll-On Balls

Hollow roll-on balls by sealing two injection molded halves, then grinding and finishing them. The competition blow molds their hollow balls.


Industrial/Medical Balls

Available in PP, PE, Delrin®, Acetal, Nylon, Torlon®, and most engineering materials. These balls are used in hundreds of applications


Vapor Containment Balls

Hollow plastic balls for vapor containment and pollution control applications.



Available in LDPE and LLDPE for 8mm, 10mm, 1", 29mm, and 1.4" roll-ons


When selecting your Plastic Ball Supplier consider that Orange Products:

  • Produces the balls on premise from molding to grinding to finishing. Since the ball blanks will be molded and ground/finished in house, Orange is better positioned to offer traceability. Blanks and finished balls from abroad or from subcontractors are difficult to trace/monitor. With three manufacturing sites, Orange offers far superior risk profile for continuity of supply.

  • Manufactures solid and hollow precision plastic balls in most general purpose and engineering plastics in a broad range of sizes (1/16" - 4"), precise tolerances and surface finishes

  • Has extensive experience selecting and supplying the right plastic ball for your application

  • Manufactures over 1 billion precision plastic balls annually in its ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Plants. Most standard materials and sizes are available from stock.

  • Maintains global distribution and manufacturing with plants in the US, Poland, Brazil and sales/distribution in Mexico and Thailand.